Installation, Repairs & Management Since 2011

Royalty Padding Repair Has Over 12 Years Experience!

Based out of SWFL WE Bring the Business To You.

We Install a Specific and Special Kind of Safety Padding On the Market. Designed and Conceived for Over 50 Years!
For the purpose to Protect the SAFTEY of Your Patients. it’s also Antibacterial & Near impossible to allow any sort of damages from patients or prisoners. This seamless product prevents the patients from nitpicking or destroying the safety padding due to its clean and bright surface, of course with a handy staff and a clean room who says it wont last for years to come with the correct maintenance.

The typical standard installation takes about 5/6 days but with a Quick Repair RPR promises 1 or 2 days Max! Royalty Padding gives you the MAXIMUM protection for patients who are vulnerable which also gives your staff protection to its fullest.

Are you ready to have your rooms SAFE & PROTECTED?

Ask about our warranty Programs.

Royalty Padding Repair is a small, family owned company based out of SW Florida. We offer all sorts of repairs across the United States. Our goal is to make sure your patients get the quality and safety they deserve. 

We use gold metal safety padding so you know you’re in good hands!

Jose Ramos
President & CEO

Phone: 239-257-7617


711 SE 11th Avenue
Cape Coral FL 33990

  • Our job at RPR is to give you the best service & the best quality you will ever experience.
  • Our MOTTO is Quick & Easy because we know how important these rooms are to your patients.
  • When you choose a small Business like ours to repair and replace any damages, you automatically know you are in good hands.
  • I’ve been in this business for 12 years plus, which I would say I know a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or two.
  • I enjoy doing this line of work because it brings me joy knowing your patients will be safe & in good hands.

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